The European Network of Focal Points for the 2003 Convention (ENFP) has been working actively for three years now. At present we reach out to more than 120 colleagues in 42 countries!

You are warmly welcome to the next network meeting on the 15th February 1-3 pm CET (2-4 EET). Join us at (Meeting ID: 843 8373 9419)

Come and hear out the latest news and updates from colleagues. The discussions will focus on the outcomes and evaluation of Wiki Loves Living Heritage and reflection on a broader implementation of Article 18, ideas and  possibilities in Europe.

The meeting is open for the experts working in the core of the implementation of the 2003 Convention in the region (UNESCO Group I and II countries): focal points, facilitators and experts involved in the ICH safeguarding. The meeting will be in English. A link to the recording of the session will be later available online.

We hope to see many colleagues soon. You are most welcome!

The ENFP Steering Committee


  • 13.00: Welcome! ENFP Steering Committee
  • 13.05: Wiki Loves Living Heritage – sharing outcomes and learning points. Leena Marsio (Finland), Jorijn Neyrick (Belgium), Susanna Ånäs (Finland)
  • 13.20: Experiences from different European countries in implementing the campaign. Sophie Muyllaert (Belgium), Tolin Jojo (Germany), Katharina Spanlang (Austria),  Naira Kilichyan (Armenia)
  • 13.40: Open discussion and ways forward in working with open access and wiki-communities
  • 14.00: Reflection on a broader implementation of Article 18Introduction to the topic by Maria Nyström (Sweden), commentary by Ioana Repciuc (Romania), open discussion
  • 14.40: Closing remarks, Ioana-Maria Tamas (UNESCO / Living Heritage Entity)
  • 14.55: Next steps of the ENFP
  • 15.00: End of the meeting            

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