European Network of Focal Points (ENFP)

The European Network of Focal Points for the 2003 Convention (ENFP) was launched in April 2021. The purpose of the network is to contribute to the implementation of the UNESCO 2003 Convention at national and regional levels and encourage dialogue and exchange of expertise among the 47 countries from the UNESCO Electoral Groups I and II in the European region. The network is open to all focal points, coordinators, facilitators and other experts working closely with the 2003 Convention.

Our main aims are:

  • To contribute to the implementation of the 2003 UNESCO Convention at national and regional level.
  • Encourage dialogue, exchange of expertise, international and intercultural cooperation in the region.
  • To consolidate the implementation of the 2003 Convention by supporting existing networks (including the UNESCO Facilitators Network, the ICH NGO Forum and sub-regional networks).
  • Promote peer learning and comparative approaches to the implementation of the 2003 UNESCO Convention and related cultural policies.
  • Find synergies with European initiatives and instruments, for example those related to the European Union, the Council of Europe and other regional actors.
  • To contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the ICH sector.

The steering committee of the ENFP

Ioana Baskerville, FP (Romania); Eszter Csonka-Takac, FP (Hungary); Mirela Hrovatin, FP (Croatia); Naira Kilichyan, FP (Armenia); Leena Marsio, FP (Finland); Jorijn Neyrinck, facilitator (Belgium); Elena Sinibaldi, FP (Italy); Benedetta Ubertazzi, facilitator (Italy); Nikolai Vukov, facilitator (Bulgaria)

Contact at the following e-mail address:

Creation & history

Within the framework of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, the European focal points decided to create a network to promote and facilitate exchanges on intangible heritage between the countries in the area.

The ENFP network was created in 2021 for the European countries in UNESCO Electoral Groups I and II. The proposal was launched at the UNESCO training session on periodic reporting by the focal points in Italy and Finland and was greeted with great interest and enthusiasm by dozens of countries in the European region. The idea was born out of a lack of contact between all the professionals in the sector in Europe, even though these professionals, only a few kilometres apart, often face the same challenges.

Since then, several online meetings have been organised to bring colleagues together to share ideas and learn from each other on various topics related to the 2003 Convention and living heritage.

The network’s first meeting took place on 25 May 2021. To find out more, click here.